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Tour RECAP!!

wow!! it is my first day back in nyc and i’m still in bed. i guess i am letting the last few weeks soak in as deeply as they can before moving on to the next adventure.  

we started in denver where close friends let us sleep and rehearse for the few days leading up the first show.  denver, is such a wonderful city!  great food, lovely people, beautiful nature… it was a perfect place to start.  zach mangan and gabe duncan joined me on the tour and for the next few weeks the three of us made our way through the great plains, then headed south and eventually drove out to the west coast where we did a run of shows just off the 1 highway!! meaning, we took long scenic routes to the last few shows and blasted cat stevens, fleetwood mac, the cars and many other nostalgia inducing records while taking in the scenery that seemed almost fictional!!  

the blitzen trapper team was truly wonderful.  talented, kind, supportive. the list goes on.  as a young artist just starting to tour, it was a great lesson to watch a band that has played together and toured together for years.  it was inspiring to see them on stage every night giving it everything they had.  when you watch them play, you can’t help but be drawn into the moment they create. they have you in the palm of their hand and they keep you there.  they have fun and the audience can feel that.  if you are around next month they will be playing the music hall of williamsburg and it is a musical event not to be missed! 

this tour was the perfect way to start the summer!! beaches, elephant seals, rock music, new friends, old friends, sunglasses, fresh fruit stands, cows, iced tea, beachy tunes, beach towels… oh and lots of driving!  a road trip through the states is something everyone should do at least once!  make sure to end up in california though because it will blow you away.  it will remind you of how small we actually are.

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